Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats
Shield the blast with Dynamat!

Mining Blasting Mats

Mining Blasting Mats

Popular Products:

  • 8 x 16 ft. (2.43m x 4.87m)
  • 10 x 15 ft. (3m x 4.5m)
  • 12 x 24 ft. (3.65m x 7.3m)

Custom Made Products

Our popular products represent only part of our production capacity. Our equipment allows us to manufacture blasting mats that meet all your specifications in sizes ranging from 4x4 '. (1.2 x 1.2m) up to 16 x 28 ft. (4.87 x 8.53m)

Whether it is for the construction sector or mining industry, we offer our customers a product of exellent quality. At Dynamat we believe that superior quality means superior safety.

Why Choose Dynamat Blasting Mats?
Our Innovative Processes
The Dynamat Advantage Our Goals
Automated processes We have developed automated processes that let us measure the compaction of the blasting mats. To ensure consistent quality.
Meticulous tire selection Our manufacturing processes demand it.
Our Added Value
The Dynamat Advantage Our Goals
Blasting mats over 12 feet (3.66 m) wide

We are the only manufacturer in North America to make products of such widths.

To match our client’s needs.
12 inches (30 cm) between each cable

We have always spaced them this way.  All our competitors, on the other hand, leave a gap of 14 to 16 inches (35 to 41 cm) between their cables. 

To produce safe blasting mats that control flying debris better.
Forged circular rings

We used forged rings, while the competition used welded ones.

To make blasting mats easier to handle.
Two dimensions of rings We use 10 and 13-inch (25and 33 cm) rings. To obtain the resistance required for hoisting.
The benefits of traditional blasting mats  vs. blasting mats made of truck tires (transport mat)
  • greater flexibility and adaptability to the terrain.
  • maximal absorption of the energy released by dynamiting.
  • reduced possibilities of a partial blast.
  • unequalled ease in handling.
To provide a safe product that not only eliminates all risk of flying debris when dynamiting, but also ensures optimal performance.

Produits minier

Quality Control

Our products are subject to rigorous quality control testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality and durability. The carefully selected recycled tires that make up our mats are woven onto new cables only, which translate into strength and toughness. All rubber parts are perforated to minimize tearing. Our customers can always feel safe and sure.


In a process that’s unique to Dynamat, blasting mats are individually numbered to allow them to be easily traced and identified wherever they are on a mining site.  Now that’s an advantage that’s undeniably Dynamat!

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