Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats
Shield the shock with Dynamat!

Marine Fenders

Since not all boats or mooring structures are the same, our marine fenders are custom-made according to customer’s specifications. Our team manufactures bumpers to suit your sizes. From 2 x 10 feet. (0.61 x 3.05 m) up to at 16 x 28 feet. (4.88 x 8.53m.). This flexibility in the manufacturing process is unique to Dynamat.

Why Choose Dynamat Marine Fenders?
The Dynamat Advantage Our Goals
Advantageous pricing

They are extremely effective, and affordable in comparison with moulded-rubber protective devices.

To provide you with a superior product at the best possible price.
Quick and easy installation

Thanks to our forged rings, placed to match your anchoring, installation takes a fraction of the time needed for the traditional tires.

To enable you to install them temporarily or permanently, depending on your needs.
Full protection tailored to your equipment and installations Dynamat is the only company that offers a range of products of various sizes so that no surfaces are left exposed.

To offer you made-to-measure protection superior to that of other products on the market and marine fenders that adapt to every type of vessel or docking facilities.

Durability We use galvanized cables and clips that resist extreme marine environments. To provide you with an effective product with proven durability.

Total protection of your investments

Like armour, Dynamat’s  fender mats are designed to mould perfectly to your equipment. It is very easy for an incoming boat to seriously damage a barge or a dock equipped with single tires. Too often, these damages require lengthy and costly repairs. Using Dynamat’s fender mats will help you avoid major expenses. Full protection that supports maximum use of your equipment.


In a process that’s unique to Dynamat, fender mats are individually numbered to allow them to be easily traced and identified wherever they are, on a dredging operation or in a port.  Now that’s an advantage that’s undeniably Dynamat!

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