Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats Dynamat : Super Heavy Duty Blasting Mats
Shield the blast with Dynamat!

Recyclers at heart and in fact

Recycling is the heart of Dynamat’s corporate culture and our future-oriented managers have decades of experience in this field.

Our commitment to protecting the environment guides everything we do, so we are passionate about putting our expertise to use in recycling automobile tires, our raw materials. We have been an accredited recycler since 1996, the year in which the program for the integrated management of scrap tires was launched by Recyc-Québec. Since that time, we have made a major contribution to emptying Québec’s used tire storage areas.

We’ve been green for 50 years and we focus on innovation and recycling to find sustainable solutions for tomorrow. As a result, we now offer a completely ecological service that completes the life cycle of our products while minimizing their impact on the environment—the dismantling of retired blasting mats.

Dynamat, a team that’s always looking forward.

Dynamat is
North America's leading
manufacturer of
blasting mats !

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